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March 24, 2010 / Fun / 91 comments

This photos are saying everything, there is no need in saying anything. These are blonds which we all love, no matter what they had done. These are mistakes which can be forgiven? Well when you get to see the faces of these girls you will say, yeah, what the hack…it is O.K.!

blondes02 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes03 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes04 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes05 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes06 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes07 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes08 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes09 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes10 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes11 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes12 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes13 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes14 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes15 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes16 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes17 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes18 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes19 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes20 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes21 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes22 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes23 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes24 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes25 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes26 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes27 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes28 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes29 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes30 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes31 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes32 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes33 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes34 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes35 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes36 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes37 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes38 Blonds Make Mistakes

blondes39 Blonds Make Mistakes

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    • umm

      7 and 8 – not mistakes
      16 – not a blonde
      18 – not a blonde
      19 – not a mistake
      20 – not a blonde, not a mistake
      22 – not a blonde
      25 – not a blonde
      30 – retarded but not a mistake
      32 – not a blonde, not a mistake
      35 – not a blonde
      36 – not a blonde
      37 – not a blonde
      38 – not a blonde

      • sirexa

        7and 8 were mistakes, She was holding a cigarette with gasoline in her hands, 32 was a mistake for anyone who has to right with that person, So please, Before you post a comment, please don’t be ignorant of whats in the pictures posted.

        • WIT

          yeah .. some of it is sheer stupidity regardless of hair color.

        • shana

          Some of these are just lame or don’t make sense.

        • Steve

          Cigarettes aren’t a significant source of ignition and therefore cannot light gasoline. Nice try though.

      • Sarah

        Haha ur just an angry dumb blonde bimbo. “Like totally!” haha stupid ditsy blonde. Get a brain.

        • Sahil

          Absolutely right….

        • bleh

          This post is yet another proof that stupidity transcends hair color.

      • carla


      • shantell

        why are you say umm

      • rpumm

        You – a blonde

      • dp

        7 and 8 – not mistakes = cigarete next to gas
        16 – not a blonde = PC is “blonde”
        18 – not a blonde
        19 – not a mistake = all bottle neck in the mouth is normal?
        20 – not a blonde, not a mistake
        22 – not a blonde = stil a woman…
        25 – not a blonde = “blonde” PC print
        30 – retarded but not a mistake = stil blonde and funny
        32 – not a blonde, not a mistake = true but crazy woman
        35 – not a blonde = how do you know?
        36 – not a blonde = can’t be sure
        37 – not a blonde = can’t be sure
        38 – not a blonde = it is a BLONDE (enlarge better)

      • I Hate Facists

        You are just bags of shit who wanted to have fair hair but are totally pissed off. Hardly ANY

    • JJ

      Most of them are Blonde AND Russian! what a combination,..

  • wify

    bad women

  • Jujube

    Whoever posted this must be blonde….cause he/she spelled blonde wrong!!!

    • Anon

      Blond is correct just as blonde is.

      • nobody

        “Blond” refers to males

        “Blonde” refers to females.

        • anonymous

          we speak english not french idiot e for female! are you a blonde woman?

          • anonemoose

            He did say blonde, you idiot, unless you referred to Anon.

  • Jesse

    I’d rather be BLONDE than not know how to spell!!! LMAO!!! You should spellcheck before you try to bust on people!

    • ArmyOfAardvarks

      Both “blond” and “blonde” are valid spellings…

      • sirexa


      • anonymous

        if you’re a yank

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  • http://Blondinke Tamara

    Jojoj dober da nisi blont hheee

  • Anon

    Btw Blonde is spelt wrong!

    • Tool

      That’s ok. “spelt” is spelled wrong.


      • Double TOOL

        No it isn’t – spelt is correct but is more common in usage in Commonwealth countries

        Double Idiot

        • Imperial College London

          I think that we should love all the poeple in our colonies including the new world…

        • anon

          spelt is a grain…..

        • anonymous

          spelter is a metal alloy, you’re still an idiot

      • delishy

        Blond or Blonde?

        The words blond and blonde come from the French and follow somewhat the French pattern. Blond (without the e) is used to describe males, mixed gender, or uncertain gender. Blonde refers to women or female gender.

        In modern use, blond is sometimes used for female as well as male, but blonde is preferred for female.

    • lazy ass bitch

      blond and blonde are both correct except most ppl use blonde as the spelling

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  • leeann

    So do the other coloured hair people that wrote this. When referring to women its blonde with an e and when your referring to men its blond. no e. it drives me crazy.

    Xox a fellow blonde

  • Michael261

    @ Print screen (literal)

  • Lacy

    Actually, blond(e) can be spelled either way. Blond without the “e” is masculine (as in if you were referring to a guy) and blonde with the “e” is feminine (if it were a girl).

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  • OhPlease

    How can we tell in some of those pictures that a “blond” [sic] had anything to do with it? Or did you just figure, it’s a stereotype, I’ll just pile on more?

    I’d like those 3 minutes of my life back, please.

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  • AK

    You’re so cool!

  • uzezimena

    Na wa for blonde them

  • ercol

    hoh hoh hoh chock comic choock beghendeem horikau

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  • Aaron

    Half of those weren’t even women, let alone blondes. The picture of the Holden Commodore with the sticker showing the ‘roadkill tally’ was an old photo from Melbourne, the silver WRX on the tram lines has the asian bloke who was driving standing next to it, and the Pajero wedged between the railcars looks awfully dark-haired in there.

    Plus blondes are awesome to shag, who cares if they’re a little bit stupid?

  • Charly

    Estuve casado con una chica de pelo negro y gastaba mucho dinero, pero era muy buena en la gestion de la casa, pero un dia me separé de ella, dos años mas tarde conoci una rubia, me casé hace seis meses con ella, le propuse que sea ella que lleve la gestion de la casa en lo que concierne gastos y mantenimiento. Ahora estoy en bancarota.

    • Megan

      I sure hope you have a translator like I do, because you need to really get a clue.
      So just because she was blonde and made you bankrupt means that every other blonde on Earth is an idiot? Yeah….that sounds right to me….Dumbass

  • VP

    I cannot believe people are that stupid…

    and they’re all british!

    • Annastam


      • Ohai

        So i heard you are successful in everything?
        Derp. You can’t (see the ‘) even spell I’m right.
        And you wrote all-caps, idiots, idiots everywhere.

  • sirexa

    I am A blonde, And I admit, These photographs, Were indeed… how can I say it… Special, However; I am A blonde, 13, With all A’s, And I would like to to say, All this nonsence of blondes being less intellectual than other Hair colored men, OR women, Is just incorrect in the statements that are herefore posted, are not necessarily correct, Or, to be honest, Not correct at all, Brunetes, Red heads, black haired…etc, have are equal amount of intellegence, If they choose to learn, and to not be ignorant! So please, If you people can, Since there is absolutely no reason to post things like this, unless its ACTUALLY funny… try to restrain from all the negative comments.

    Thank YOU!!!!

    • Morn

      How can I say it,
      you speak,
      like a drunkard,
      trying to write,
      a poem,
      so please,
      try to REFRAIN
      from posting.

      • Megan

        That was hilarious.
        And I’m blonde.
        See, we can take a joke :)
        It’s just not necessary to put “A blonde” at the beginning of a joke in order for it to be funny, is all.

    • looksee

      now that’s funny… wait a minute, you’re a blonde.. figures… LMFAO..

    • Ohai

      I Write With Every Single Letter Capitalized.

      You do know that unless your teacher was a retard, you would be getting f’s?

      • Blont person

        god you people are so mean for no reason… i bet this makes you feel better about yourself?

    • Leigh

      I agree. I’m not a blonde though. I have dark brown african hair. but I hate the whole Blonde stereotype thing. Just because someone has a certain color of hair that should not mark their intelligence.

  • Kyle Hotchkiss

    Okay, this is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I’ma blond guy and not near as stupid!

    • Blont person

      you sure about that?

  • Stephanie

    HA..HA..HA idk whts so funny bout this most of them were mistakes u stupid dumbass

  • dencio

    i love blonde..mwuah!

    • Mehediolki5698

      we love blonde..mwah!

  • Annastam


    • Ohai

      Heh, how should we be able to even use our computers?
      How am i supposed to talk in proper english?
      How should i be supposed to not run around like a retard flapping his arms around?


    • LoremIpsum

      There is something in what you are saying. It is a well known fact that people are going to carry their own complexes onto a different groups. When someone is technologically inclined, that’s fine, there are polish jokes. When someone has issues with women, or lack of self confidence, they don’t worry either. There are blond jokes to make them better. If someone is not successful in life, there is an ethnic joke for him as well. It’s an old story, and well known fact.

  • jirolu

    da*n.. what about james bond? is there any relation with it?.. i got my head spinning..

  • maw

    Blondes are dumb, it’s a scientific fact. Deal with it.

    • Megan

      And you’re a retard.
      It’s a scientific fact.
      Know why?
      Because I said so.
      And everything anyone ever stated is a scientific fact.
      The Earth is flat.
      Pigs can fly.
      And you should’ve been a blowjob.
      Deal with it. :)

  • Ricky

    The tally picture is actually a reference to The Toxic Avenger.

  • Amanda

    I am a blonde and I find it funny that people are getting so defensive. You are just pouring fuel on the fire. I find blond/e jokes hilarious. I love when someone judges me right when I walk in the room. Upon meeting and speaking to me they just then realize they are way off base and swollow down their ignorance. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    • Anne

      I don’t know how old you are, but let me tell you, you will get very sick of this. I’m a computer engineer and a technical lead at my company. I have to go to a lot of conferences and I meet a lot of customers. I can’t even tell you how tired I am of people assuming that I don’t have the experience that my title and my position imply. It’s always, “Can you get someone on your team to speak with us about the technical details”? Other people in my position don’t have this problem, it’s assumed just by their title that they know what they’re talking about. I’m constantly having to prove myself.

      It may just be because I’m a woman and I’m young and attractive, but I’m certain that being blonde doesn’t help either. And stuff like this just reinforces the stereotype and makes my day-to-day life harder, so no, I don’t think it’s funny.

  • EskanderaStil


  • Malyia

    Honestly, some blondes are idiots. o.o ;
    But really, Blondes aren’t the only idiots. :P Black haired, brown haired, red heads, and any other color, can be JUST as stupid. xD Blonde jokes are pretty funny.

  • guy

    8th one is not that bad. ive smoked around jerry cans tons. you can throw a lit cigarette into one and nothing will happen

    • Frank

      You are a dickhead.

  • Blont person

    jeezes stop trying to outsmart each other, everybody knows real blondes are smart. nearly all of those women were darkhaired bimbos who dyed their hair blond… i’m really sick of those dumb blond jokes just because a lot of trashy women tend to dye their hair that colour… by the way, pointing out every little spelling mistake someone else makes doesn’t make you any smarter, just more annoying.

  • Geto

    Hi. The woman in the segway with the child, it is not a fake, but is not funny. I reas about that pic few months ago.

    That woman had an accident/dissease (the page i read i from didnt say) than made walking so painfull to her, that had to use a segway.

    The child is actually her niece.

    And i think she is a very brave aunt.

    I dont think it is a pic you should be laugh to.

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  • Matthew777

    the worst this is i have had a blonde gf before :) all that are very true..

  • crewmanek

    :-)) very funny:))

  • Frank

    I found the pictures generally mildly interesting. I could not see anything that tied the images to a concept of “dumb blondes” The comments were more interesting, especially that of idiot “guy” on Sep 7, 2010. I wonder if he is still alive. My cousin was killed many years ago as a result of an exploding fuel container.

  • zahir

    pls sent

  • Zicado

    blah blah blah… get a life all of you who think hair colour can define a person’s intelligence!Yes, so for u who said that this is scientifically proven!!! hahahaha… OMG!!! What was the outcome of the research?? Wait, let me try an answer: “Apparently it was proved that people who are born blonde/fair haired or just dye their hair this colour have failed all the IQ tests so proved to be dumb or not intelligent enough!!” Where did some stupid piece of shit got that from?? Here is the deal: for women critising blonde women: ” Yes honey, they still prefer the blonde ones, even if there are people like u who dream they are stupid!!” for men critising blonde women: ” yes honey, she didn’t think you were good enough in any way, so if this was her opinion, rest assure because she is intelligent enough to realise that!!!” So for u all: ” JUST GET OVER IT!!! “

  • xxx

    toooo cool

  • Kyla

    I think its just a coincidence or some people really like to play up to stereotypes.

  • Megan

    All I have to say because the only one I can remember that actually upset me the most after reading all these comments is this: the woman with the gas can is A) A bleached blonde (Which most “dumb blondes” are.) and B) at least she’s smart enough to keep a gas can FULL of gas in her car. I know a lot of MEN who aren’t that smart.
    And half of these weren’t even women and the half that were, half of THOSE weren’t blonde.
    Get a life peopple and stop lumping people together.
    That’s why this world is such a horrible place to begin with.

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