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November 19, 2009 / Featured articles / 19 comments

“Freak” continues to be used to describe genetic mutations in plants and animals, i.e. “freaks of nature.” “Freak” can also be used in a verb form, and can mean: “to become stressed and upset”. Usually, in this form, the word is followed by “out” to complete the phrase, “freaking out”. However, this meaning and usage is usually considered slang. Adjectival forms include “freakish” as well as “freaky.” The verb “freaking” (or, “freaking out”) means “engaging in panicked or uncontrolled behavior”–for example, as the result of psychedelic drug use. “Freaking” may also be a minced oath used in place of “fucking,” e.g. “Oh my freaking God!” The word is a homonym of “phreak” (referring to the illegal hacking of telephone systems), which it probably inspired.

freaks01 Human Freaks

freaks02 Human Freaks

freaks03 Human Freaks

freaks04 Human Freaks

freaks05 Human Freaks

freaks06 Human Freaks

freaks07 Human Freaks

freaks08 Human Freaks

freaks09 Human Freaks

freaks10 Human Freaks

freaks11 Human Freaks

freaks12 Human Freaks

freaks13 Human Freaks

freaks14 Human Freaks

freaks15 Human Freaks

freaks16 Human Freaks

freaks17 Human Freaks

freaks18 Human Freaks

freaks19 Human Freaks

freaks20 Human Freaks

freaks21 Human Freaks

freaks22 Human Freaks

freaks23 Human Freaks

freaks24 Human Freaks

freaks25 Human Freaks

freaks26 Human Freaks

freaks27 Human Freaks

freaks28 Human Freaks

freaks29 Human Freaks

freaks30 Human Freaks

freaks31 Human Freaks

freaks32 Human Freaks

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  • Chicar

    *Dick Mode on*
    the 45th is actually a animatronic.
    *Dick Mode off*

  • Fuk Usen

    Ahh… Internet for the clinically retarded and autistic. Good job.


  • Erzsabet

    Um, wow. Some of these are costumes (obviously), some are just people being normal and not wearing “trendy” crap, and some of these people have had pranks pulled on them (sunburns for example) or are participating in dares.
    Very few people on this extensive list actually qualify as “freaks”. Wonder what kind of person the OP is to decide that’s what they must be?
    Try getting out of your mothers basement some time to see what REAL people look like.

  • Theword

    This is not so much pictures of actual human freaks, as suggested, but more like a bunch of unattractive weirdos, doing some seriously weird stuff, I’ll grant, and maybe a few that are in dire need of some good dentistry, and maybe a nail trim.
    In general, you have the right idea, but doing some research, and getting a friend to spell-check your work before posting it up on the unforgiving internet would not hurt.
    Accurate labelling would also be a plus.

  • Theresa

    what’s wrong with wearing a burka? How does that make her a freak? I’m assuming that the title doesn’t refer to the man in the photo; he’s not doing anything abnormal. This is an offensive compilation if you label them “freaks”.

    • Jerry

      Did you see the lovely level of detail in the burka? Gucci Gucci Gucci …

      Offensive compilation you say? Of course its offensive! That is the whole point of this compilation. It’s why people use the word ‘freak’. All the subjects in the photo’s can take as much offence as they like. Being called a freak is never nice, so let me call you a troll Theresa ;)

      • Lauren

        I live in the Middle East, and over hear, almost every piece of arabian clothing like this has Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel or Dior. This is normal over here, and I hardly think its acceptable to deem someone who wheres this as a ‘freak’.

        I just hope how offensive it sounds.

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  • Are You Cereal?

    The only person I’d even be partially freaked out by here is the guy with the “Warriors” shirt on; the little pale woman pulling her underwear up is also sort of awkward, but I’d still tap that.

    Was this post even thought out? Or have you been in one small town your whole life and have finally obtained the internet?

    By the way, the guy with the bottle over his face that’s stuffed with a piece of cloth is smart, not a freak. That’s a homemade tear-gas mask he’s rocking.

  • Joseph Stalin

    that girl coved in green stuff was fucking hot!

  • Superkocker

    Why ?? But… Why ??

  • Miguel

    Hay varias fotografias que están chistosas

  • Тоха

    Черти американские ))))

  • John Samer

    this is biodiversity at its finest
    embrace abnormality of face never-ending nothingness

  • Inan

    The guy with the bottle over his face has actually come up with a pretty creative (and, as far as I can tell, legit) filtering mask. Different, but certainly not “freaky”.

  • Xig

    Yea, so… I generally don’t comment on things like this, but… really? As someone else stated, most of these are costumes. And… you’re seriously labeling a crossdresser as a freak? Besides that, there are at least two other pictures of normal looking people dressing as women. So? They’re either costumes or crossdressers, and either way I don’t see how that’s “freak” material.

  • nathAa1!!:D

    qQue PeEEnDeJoSSss!! jAaAjaAJ4!°!

  • batmann

    their vote counts the same as yours, in case you were wondering how Obama got into office…