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September 23, 2009 / Featured articles / 12 comments

In the process of scarification, scars are formed by cutting or branding the skin. There are many reasons why people may turn to scarification. Aesthetically, scarification’s are usually more visible on darker skinned people than tattoos. Also, unlike tattoos, scarification’s are a product of one’s own body.

At the rate tattoos are evolving from simple ink etched on skin to creating scars that have designs, you could only imagine what tattoo artists are going to think of next.

There are also religious and social reasons for scarification. According to some tribal belief in Africa, producing scars on newborn children helps preventing vision related illness. There may also be religious expressions used in the scarification process.

scarification01 Scar Tattoos

Scarification is not a precise art; there are many variables, such as skin type, depth of the cut, and how the wound is treated while healing, that make the outcome somewhat unpredictable.

The body creates the scar, not the artist; it is important to keep in mind that a method that works well on one person may not work so well on another. Also, the scars tend to spread a bit as they heal, so scarification’s are usually relatively simple designs — small details can easily get swallowed up in the healing process.

scarification02 Scar Tattoos
scarification03 Scar Tattoos
scarification04 Scar Tattoos
scarification05 Scar Tattoos
scarification06 Scar Tattoos
scarification07 Scar Tattoos
scarification08 Scar Tattoos
scarification09 Scar Tattoos
scarification10 Scar Tattoos
scarification11 Scar Tattoos
scarification12 Scar Tattoos
scarification13 Scar Tattoos
scarification14 Scar Tattoos
scarification15 Scar Tattoos
scarification16 Scar Tattoos
scarification17 Scar Tattoos
scarification18 Scar Tattoos
scarification19 Scar Tattoos
scarification20 Scar Tattoos
scarification21 Scar Tattoos
scarification22 Scar Tattoos
scarification23 Scar Tattoos
scarification24 Scar Tattoos
scarification25 Scar Tattoos
scarification26 Scar Tattoos
scarification27 Scar Tattoos
scarification28 Scar Tattoos
scarification29 Scar Tattoos
scarification30 Scar Tattoos
scarification31 Scar Tattoos
scarification32 Scar Tattoos
scarification33 Scar Tattoos
scarification34 Scar Tattoos
scarification35 Scar Tattoos
scarification36 Scar Tattoos
scarification37 Scar Tattoos
scarification38 Scar Tattoos
scarification39 Scar Tattoos
scarification40 Scar Tattoos
scarification41 Scar Tattoos
scarification42 Scar Tattoos
scarification43 Scar Tattoos


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  • Immora

    Holy crap, I know the guy with the huge gagged earings and the facial piercings!

    Never thought I would look at one of these lists and say that.

    Hes a really nice guy.

  • patrick
  • Hal

    I have enough scars from being an active person. I would never willingly choose to desecrate my body like this. The sad part is I wonder if this is a response to abuse or something similar for many people. Been there and done that; better to deal with the issues in a more healthy manner. My take at least.

  • reality check

    you gotta me mentally ill to do this shit. forget the shock value and “the setting urself apart” bullshit.

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  • adrianna

    what is da stuff at the top were she got it on her back . , whats them wormey things

    • carl

      those “wormy” things that look like pork rinds are the strips of skin they removed from her back and tossed in a pile.

  • sara

    i think its different it looks beautiful but extreamley painful all the power to you

  • Thatguy

    there isnt anything wrong with these people, it doesnt make me sick but you know what does? everyone that wont STFU about how they are mutilating their bodies yet they wont pick up trash for community service…they call themselves christian? i thought christians are supposed to help others.

  • Aras

    Some of them are beautiful tattos, but some other are insane lacerations, the guy with the radioactive sign tatto below the one of the skull needs some antibiotics, it looks like there is pus in there, he’ll got a serious infection if he doesn’t get treatment.

  • tmd

    It’s also a sign of expression. In some cultures it’s a sign of royalty, marriage, a loss of a child.

    Just because it’s taboo to some, doesn’t mean it is to all.

  • knl

    I agree that it’s part of some cultures, religions etc. So you can’t be dead against it, but it makes you wonder who came up with it at all. Who decided that mutilating yourself or that much pain (not to mention risk of infections and such) was more of a commitment than a tattoo. But ALOT of ppl are just doin it bc its a new fad, one which I hope dies out. Look back at the pics, hardly any have any cultural relig meanings. They are just nasty. lol. Sry but it just seems to ridiculous to take serious. Unless this is something u really believe in its not worth that pain. I dont like papercuts.