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August 17, 2012 / Featured articles / 0 comments

I suppose you are not interested in long introductions. I believe you all know what kind of profession is this. Believe it or no, this was not such a bad profession back in the day. It was a little bit more respected than today is.

1. Aspasia

famous prostitutes01 The Most Famous Prostitutes

Aspasia was probably one of the oldest recorded pwrsone in this profession. She ran one of the most popular brothels in Athens and went to bed only with the well known people of that time-giving Pericles a lay now and then.

2. Russell Brand

famous prostitutes02 The Most Famous Prostitutes

Russell Brand is a man of many talents? He had problems with drugs and he was also an escort occasionally to make ends meet. But now, he married Katy Perry! For a while! And he’s super successful and funny. So it was totally worth it.

3. Calamity Jane

famous prostitutes03 The Most Famous Prostitutes

She was really known for scouting and shooting Indians, but when she was not doing that, she was sleepin’ with cowboys at Fort Laramie. Not really a full time job.

4. Sally Salisbury

famous prostitutes04 The Most Famous Prostitutes

A true lady known not only for shagging some people but stabbing some, too. She started her career in her early teens on the streets of eighteenth-century London, and she never looked back.

5. Marilyn Monroe

famous prostitutes05 The Most Famous Prostitutes

Marilyn ended up doing pretty well for herself—to say the least—but she didn’t exactly struggle to get to the top. She supposedly made about $500 a day “hanging out” with producers and directors, doing some porn as well as house calls. It’s hard to hold all that against her though. She was a good singer, after all.

6. Raquel Welch

famous prostitutes06 The Most Famous Prostitutes

She as we heard took Tijuana by storm back when she was Raquel Tejada.

7. Cora Pearl

famous prostitutes07 The Most Famous Prostitutes

Born in England in 1835 with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is the classiest one on this list. She pulled off a French education though, and she used her good looks and social grace to claw her way to the top… even if she had to dance naked and bathe naked in champagne a few times.

8. Nell Gwyn

famous prostitutes08 The Most Famous Prostitutes

Well, at first she tried to sell fruits to make the rent, and would “give a little extra” for a tip. It worked out though—she caught King Charles II’s eye and became his mistress. Not bad.

9. Lulu White

famous prostitutes09 The Most Famous Prostitutes

She is from 1900s and comes from New Orleans. She was not just a prostitute, she run a well known brothel of that time, Mahogany Hall. She spent her nights, only occasionally with the most powerful people of that time, something like Aspasia.